8 seats open on Carmel Valley planning board

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board will hold its elections in March for eight available seats. Those up for election are Neighborhood 1 Rick Newman, Neighborhood 3 Nancy Novak, Neighborhood 5 Debbi Lokanc, Neighborhood 6 Chris Moore, Neighborhood 10 Laura Copic, Pacific Highlands Ranch Neighborhood 12 Jonathan Tedesco, Investor Representive Brian Brady and Developer Representative Allen Kashani.

Copic, a longtime board member, will be termed out and unable to run for re-election. Resident Anna Yentile has expressed interest in running for the seat at the board’s Jan. 22 meeting. Yentile has 10 years of experience in land-use planning.

Candidates must have attended two full planning board meetings to be considered. Residents vote on who will represent their districts.

At Jan. 22’s meeting, Chairman Frisco White also announced that this year will be his last on the board — his “farewell tour.”

White, an architect and former member of the San Diego Planning Commission, has been on the board for 14 years and has served as its chairman for the past 12 years.

“It’s time for a young whippersnapper to come in and continue on,” White said.

White is hoping to spend his final year grooming a board member for the task of becoming the new board chairman. He asked his fellow board members to consider stepping up to the challenge.

This year’s election will be held before the regular board meeting on March 26, from 6-6:45 p.m. For information on planning board neighborhoods, visit under the planning board tab.