North County producer casting his net across San Diego for next great idea


A San Diego producer is looking to create the next big film and television hit — and a local resident might just be the one to supply the idea.

Scott Manville, a producer, creator of TV Writer’s Vault and CEO of Manville Media Ventures, is looking for an idea for a film or TV production.

“There are a lot of authors, a lot of filmmakers (here),” said Manville. “It’s a region that I don’t think has been tapped yet, and I guess I’m excited to hear from anybody who has projects that they think have potential.”

Manville, who most recently produced “Kim of Queens” on Lifetime, is looking for film and TV concepts that “take us into new worlds or subjects we haven’t seen before.”

That means not necessarily the “Real Housewives” type of reality-TV format, but atypical concepts that are built around families, unique businesses, or other ideas that may lend themselves to drama or comedy.

Hollywood and the Hollywood machine, as Manville calls it, is a much different process today than in the past. It’s a “much quicker process with a much wider reach,” he said.

“If I’m just talking about the industry and development, it’s a year-round time,” he said. “There are seasons for pilots being picked up, there are seasons for movies being released, but the process of scouting new and great material is year-round.”

Most recently, Manville went to the Napa Valley Film Festival to work with the Weinstein Company. He helped run a pitch and scouting contest, where he was one of the panelists.

At the two-day event, Manville first helped writers work on their pitches in front of an audience, before the top contestants pitched to him and the Weinstein executives. They picked two feature film stories and one travel documentary series.

On top of his work in Hollywood, Manville is a single dad raising twins near Rancho Santa Fe in the 4S/Del Sur neighborhood of San Diego.

Raising Chance and Chelsea, his twins, is his most important job, Manville said.

“It’s constant extremes,” he said. “It’s shifting between the insanity of dealing with an industry that’s probably the most competitive in the world and then pulling back into the intensity of managing twin 4-year-olds.”

But his kids, Manville said, give him the bigger payoff.

“I have to say, the twins are much more rewarding and they really fill my heart, and that’s kind of what refreshes me and refreshes my mind, as tiring as it is,” he said.

Manville decided to go into film and TV because of their creative aspects. He said he enjoys developing concepts and connecting creatively with buyers.

“I really love the process, I love the struggle, I love the small victories along the way, but now being a single dad, I’ve really found it’s given me more clarity and drive I’ve never found before,” he said. “I guess I could say I’m truly enjoying balancing the business with being a dad.”

San Diegans who want to contact Manville about a story pitch can reach him at