Carmel Valley residents concerned about trees removed at Torrey Pines HS

By Karen Billing

Some Carmel Valley residents have noticed that several trees have come down on the Torrey Pines High School campus. The trees have been removed at various locations on campus for a couple of different reasons, according to Eric Dill, San Dieguito Union High School District’s associate superintendent of business services.

Closest to Del Mar Heights Road, trees have been removed because of an ongoing project to improve the school’s fire road.

“In addition to that, the eucalyptus trees have become problematic over the years. You might have noticed there’s nothing but dirt underneath them, because nothing grows under those trees,” Dill said. “We have been thinning out the eucalyptus so we can add back other ground cover … it does look pretty desolate right now, but we will be adding back landscape in that area, drought-resistant native plants that thrive in the area.”

In another area of campus, near the west campus quad, Dill said trees were removed because they had become unhealthy. When Santa Ana winds were blowing, limbs were falling off the diseased trees.

Dill said the district is changing its landscaping strategy around the school, and the district will replant native landscaping where the trees had been.