Carmel Valley doctor launches ‘San Diego Wish Warriors’

Carmel Valley pediatrician Robert Bjork, owner of Sea Breeze Pediatrics, saw a lifelong dream come to fruition this month with the launching of the San Diego Wish Warriors organization. The nonprofit is committed to providing care, raising funds and spreading awareness on childhood cancer.

Bjork is the owner of BioTelesis, which conducts independent research on childhood cancer. He made tremendous progress in discovering and developing a unifying theory explaining the normal role of virtually all of the known cancer genes in the late 1980s.

“I have spent many years conducting research and studies on the topic of childhood cancer and am proud to be at this turning point where we can make a difference in children’s lives,” Bjork said.

He published his work in cancer immunology in several abstracts in the 1990s, and wrote a review article on this work published in 2002, describing the role of the exceedingly precisely identified immune suppressive cells in the progression of lethal human cancers.

More than a dozen patrons and supporters came together at the Torrey Pines Science Center to celebrate the launch of Wish Warriors. A representative from the Carmel Valley Police substation was present to recruit volunteers for toy drives that benefit the cause. Find more on the organization at