Carmel Valley street could see increased speed limit

By Karen Billing

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board is considering the city’s option to change the posted speed limit on Carmel Park Drive, between Worsch Drive and Del Mar Trails Road.

California Vehicle Code requires surveys of public streets every seven years which concluded that the posted limit be increased from 25 mph to 30 mph. If the limit is raised to 30 mph, the city will be able to implement speed radar and traffic calming measures.

The planning board can opt to support the limit remaining at 25 mph or being increased to 30 mph.

Planning board member Chris Moore was concerned about raising the speed limit so close to a school (Carmel Del Mar) where children will be crossing the street. He also wanted to ensure that there is adequate dialogue with the school to find out what its preferences are.

The board decided to delay its decision on the speed limit until they get feedback from the school.