Carmel Valley student correctly calls 100 percent of Senate midterm elections

In Stuart Pollock’s “Topics in History: Election 2014” upper school course at San Diego Jewish Academy, students were recently asked to “Create Their Own Map” to predict the outcome of the recent Senate races in the 2014 midterm elections.

Seventy-five students created maps in October for the 2014 Senate races. The task was to assume the role of political analyst and not only choose the outcome of the swing states, but to justify their predictions.

“My students don’t just throw a dart at the map,” said Pollock. “They do research and analyze data. They have to justify their decisions and predictions.”

After consulting various polls, researching the candidates and their states, viewing campaign ads, and assessing the political landscape, students submitted their maps more than a week before election night.

SDJA Junior Isaac Sluzky predicted 100 percent of the Senate races that have since been decided — an amazing feat, since he opted to pick against the polls in a handful of states.

“Isaac pored over the data,” said Pollock. “He weighed the variables, looked at the polls, even the ads, and then made his predictions.”

With Louisiana’s election going to a Dec. 6 runoff, the Academy will watch closely to see whether Isaac’s map turns out to be perfect (Isaac has predicted a Democratic win for Louisiana).