Carmel Valley woman looking to grow her Moms Making Six Figures Team

Moms Making Six Figures team members.

Barbara Ryan is a former trauma surgeon who wants to spend more time with her husband when he’s home from deployment. Cindy Posa used to own a child care business but closed it after the economy plummeted. Angie Gange is a former Carmel Valley mortgage broker who wants to send her three teenage sons to college. Michelle Martin is a former information technology executive who quit her job to spend time with her five children.

These women come from all walks of life, however, they have one thing in common — Moms Making Six Figures, a company started by local resident Heidi Bartolotta to allow women to stay at home and either replace or supplement their income. And yes, they really do make six figures, she said.

For whatever reason, there are many women — and especially mothers — who were affected by the economic hit the country recently took, and the affects are still being felt, she said.

“We’re still losing jobs left and right,” said Bartolotta. “Families are still living with repercussions of pay cuts or debt that happened years ago … Or there are the women who may be back in the work force but have spent the past few years with their family at home and don’t want to be back in the office.”

Bartolotta said her team of about 40 is comprised of women from very different education levels and backgrounds, as well as different personalities and work styles.

“We are across the board,” she said. “We are so different but have a team that is good at helping women accomplish their goals.”

Moms Making Six Figures is not just in San Diego, and she said there is the opportunity to take the business to other cities in the case that a team member must move. She said this has been a solution for military wives who are forced to move often and find it hard to have steady income.

“This is a company you can take with you,” she said. “You would never have to start all over again. I think a lot of time that’s the reason military wives don’t work even though, financially, they need to.”

For Bartolotta, Moms Making Six Figures was the solution to her desire to spend more time at home. She had been working in the pharmaceutical industry for years before realizing her career path was not going to give her everything she wanted, so she took the plunge by quitting her job to embark on Moms Making Six Figures.

“I wanted my kids to be my priority,” she said, “not my job.”

Bartolotta said she’s looking to grow her team, and interested women can contact her at or (858) 837-1505.

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