Carmel Valley youth takes third place at inventors’ competition


Denico Nieves-Ellis won third place in the final competition for the districtwide Inventor’s Showcase Competition for Del Mar Union School District.

Denico was in the sixth grade at the time. His invention combined the everyday practicality of a flatbed dolly with the ingenuity of a hovercraft, to make a “Hover Cart” capable of adjusting to accommodate various load sizes.

His invention made use of several mathematical and scientific theorems to design the control dial that distributes the necessary air pressure for The Hover Cart to be pushed by the touch of a finger, despite having a heavy load.

In addition, Denico thought of a security device for The Hover Cart, so that he may market his invention to major box stores that can benefit from increased sales as a result of its use.

Denico is seeking a patent for his invention.