Carmel Valley’s ‘white house’ on the market


The historic white house along the Carmel Valley Restoration Enhancement Project (CVREP) trail is up for sale.

Currently the home of Chabad Del Mar, it is listed for $1.1 million.

The house is a reflection of Carmel Valley’s early roots.

Around 1905, the nuns of the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy lived in the home and ran a small dairy farm to support a hospital. The home is also known as The Stephens House, named for later owners.

Chabad Del Mar will be leaving when it is sold, although it does not have a new location, a Chabad representative said.

Local resident Tony Frost is looking at buying the property and tested out his plans for the home at the May 11 Carmel Valley Community Planning Board meeting. Frost wants to bring the property back to its 1900 roots and create a restaurant and light office space.

Frost said the restaurant would offer light fare, like breakfast and lunches, a place to gather that reflects Carmel Valley’s history.

Planning board members informed Frost that while his idea is “charming,” he may run into some issues as the land has limits on development due to its location in the Multiple Species Conservation Program, an area designated for preservation.