Carmel View decision delayed

Just as the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board was ready to vote to reject the Carmel View housing project, the developers jumped in and pledged that they would change everything the board objected to.

The Carmel View project includes 13 custom home lots on 15 acres on Little McGonigle Ranch Road and Del Mar Mesa Road.

The board was ready to deny the project because it said it didn’t like that the project was gated, that the developers had eliminated an interior trail system and that developers were not willing to correct a street issue on Little McGonigle Ranch Road.

Developer Mike Conley said they would take the gates off, put the trail back in and fix the street if it gets them to a vote of approval.

The board’s objections to the project were not new and have been discussed in meetings since January. The developers plan to return to the next meeting, April 9, with revisions.