Cathedral Catholic High School in Carmel Valley offers program for students with intellectual disabilities

Enrollment for the Options Program at Cathedral Catholic High School remains open. The Options Program is an inclusive education program at CCHS for students with intellectual disabilities and/or delays.

The Options Program is looking to begin the 2014-15 school year with two to four freshmen looking to be included in some general education classes, social events and enriching after-school experiences. This program is designed for students with intellectual disabilities who are functioning around a second- through sixth-grade academic level and who are looking for a faith-based, inclusive education.

The Options students will not only be included in general education classes with modification but will also receive a highly individualized academic plan for their four years at CCHS.

A peer mentor program will be utilized to facilitate as much inclusion into the CCHS community as possible.

For more information, contact Options Director Megan Burton at (858)523-4000 or