CCA robotics are All-Stars

Canyon Crest Academy’s FIRST Robotics Competition Team, the Aluminum Narwhals, captured the Rookie All-Star Award at the FIRST San Diego Regional Competition on March 6 at the San Diego Sports Arena.

The team was invited to compete in the FIRST National Championships from April 15 to 17 in Atlanta.

CCA faced off against 49 high school robotics teams from around the country and seven other rookie teams in the three-day San Diego tournament. CCA’s Robotics team earned its place in the FIRST San Diego competition by designing, building and programming a sophisticated robot in just six weeks that could play this year’s game, Breakaway, a fast-paced variation of soccer.

CCA won the Rookie All-Star Award based on the performance of its robot, a 3,000-word essay and a video describing the team’s progress and interviews with 21 judges from California’s top engineering companies over a two-day period of the competition.

The team consists of President Logan Mercer; the drive crew, Michael Wahl, Garrison Price, James Quintana and Jared Schrok; the pit crew, Dominic Dufour, James Dial, Pia Elbe and Brian Sandler; scouts Nic Stone and Nick Van Campen; team ambassador Tyler Carter; and Aluminum Narwhal co-mascots Ben Brust and Aryan Sanikhatam.