CCA Women’s Longboard Surfer in Carmel Valley dominates the season

Stephanie Schechter

Stephanie Schechter, a senior at Canyon Crest Academy, finished the San Diego Region High Schools Division 1 & 2 Scholastic Surfing Series season ranked first place overall in girls longboard.

This is the most competitive individual competition level for San Diego Region High Schools. The season consists of five contests, with high schools competing in team vs. team, as well as in individual competition.

Stephanie has been surfing in the Scholastic Surfing Series every year since 7th grade at Carmel Valley Middle School, and has consistently finished every season, ranked in either first or second place overall in girls longboard.

She is looking forward to the Scholastic Surf Series State High School Competition in April. Also, she has applied to colleges in Hawaii and coastal California and is looking forward to inter-collegiate surfing competition.