Cedros North blossoms with Trios Gallery move

There’s a whole lot more on the north end of Cedros Avenue than shoppers may realize. The more sparsely trafficked north side of the street began blossoming last year after Trios Gallery moved into their bright orange industrial space by the new footbridge. Now Trios is no longer the new kid on the block. Neighboring storefronts include a sculptor, a painter, several photographers and a custom framer.

“We have some great neighbors in this building that people need to know about,” said Sheri Fox, owner of Trios, who will celebrate her shop’s first anniversary in its new location on Aug. 9.

Trios’ anniversary festivities will feature a preview of works from the Talmadge Art Show, a San Diego crafts group premiering their selection of handmade jewelry, handbags and lamps in North County.

The party will also include a charity raffle of 15 art works that will benefit Leaps and Bounds, a non-profit therapeutic arts organization for seniors and disabled people. One of Trios’ key artists, metal sculptor, Boris Kramer will be on hand to discuss his elegant people figures, and there will be live music, refreshments, along with vodka and beer sampling.

“We planned the event in the afternoon so people can swing by on their way to dinner or on their way back from the beach and listen to live music, have a drink and buy some raffle tickets,” Fox said.

Located on South Cedros for 13 years, Fox moved Trios to its new location after new owners bought the origional building. With nearly 2000 square feet of display space in her new shop, Fox finally has ample room to showcase the work of 160 artists.

“We have about 40 jewelers right now, along with glass sculpture, metal sculpture, beautiful furniture in both wood and metal, wall weaving and paintings,” Fox said.

Fox cherishes her gallery’s new home, but because her gallery was the first business to move to the far north end of Cedros, customers are still having a difficult time finding her shop.

“People don’t expect us to be out so far when they come looking for us,” Fox said. “They get a little past the Village Consignment shop and the train station, and then things start looking residential, so a lot of people turn around before they get to us.”

Fortunately, Trios Gallery had been in business long enough to build a big customer database and a good mailing list list that have proved invaluable for informing their clients about their new location.

“Our Web site has also been a huge help because we have a map on it with very explicit instructions,” Fox said. “But it’s been harder than I expected to convince people to keep going down Cedros until they get to us.”

According to Fox, it doesn’t help that the street signs at the intersection of Lomas Santa Fe Drive and Cedros are only marked South Cedros, not North Cedros. But despite the challenges of her new location, Fox has discovered several new niche markets for her shop.

“People come across the bridge from the residential area on the west side of Coast Highway because they can’t imagine why the bridge is there, and it drops them right at our doorstep,” Fox said.

Trios Gallery has also caught the attention of residents in the neighborhood behind the shop and parents attending children’s baseball games at the school across the street from the gallery.

“If they need a quick gift or a piece of jewelry, they pop in here because we’re the neighborhood store, and they know they’ll get something unique and interesting that we’ll gift wrap,” Fox said.

As always, Fox continues to focus on presenting an eclectic collection of unique pieces.

“We take what everyone else does, but then we add a twist to it,” Fox said. “Right now we have the work of John Petach, who is exceptional. He paints with liquid cement on glass and coats it with layers of paint.”

Petach’s pieces are made entirely of reclaimed materials, and while they are abstract in nature, they are based in reality.

“We have a couple of his jelly fish right now and they’re like looking at a close up of a mass school of jelly fish,” Fox said. “You get a sense that it’s something real, but it’s really abstract.”

Trios Gallery’s Anniversary Celebration

  • 4 to 7 p.m. Aug. 9.
  • 404 N. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach
  • (858) 793-6040,