City committee created to grow San Diego’s economy

Sherri Lightner

San Diego City Council District One representative

As we all know, the last several years have been difficult for the nation and our region. As leaders, we cannot stand on the sidelines and watch the loss of jobs. We need to find ways to help spur economic activity now and into the future.

Since joining the San Diego City Council, I have advocated for the creation of a committee focused exclusively on growing San Diego’s economy. I’m proud to report we now have such a committee, and I am honored to have been unanimously selected by my Council colleagues to serve as its chair.

The newly created Economic Development and Strategies Committee will work on two tracks essentially. The first is to help craft a long-term vision for San Diego’s economy.

Recently the Committee hosted a roundtable discussion with some of the city’s most noted economists. Mark Cafferty, the new president and CEO of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation moderated the discussion, which focused on San Diego’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats facing the City as it looks to compete in the global economy.

In economic circles, this is known as a SWOT analysis, and it is often a crucial component to any successful business plan. Since this committee has been charged with helping to craft a long-term vision or business plan for San Diego’s economy, this type of analysis is critical.

Still, it is just the first step. I plan to reach out to all our business clusters and stakeholders as the Committee works to create a comprehensive economic strategy for the city.

The Committee’s other track is to search for ways to make this City more business-friendly. Whenever you talk to business owners, they will tell you about the nightmarish tangle of regulations and red tape that makes it hard to start or expand their business here. We need to find out exactly what those hurdles are and clear them out of the way.

There is a lot to be done, and I cannot wait to get started. To find out more about the committee, please visit my website: