City leaders should have listened to both sides at One Paseo meeting

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to San Diego Councilmember Sherri Lightner and to this newspaper for publication.

Hello Councilmember Lightner:

First off, thank you for attending [the Jan. 24 One Paseo meeting] and not only being an impartial listener, but also a concerned citizen and resident of your own district that you represent.

I am writing to you in anger of the behavior of our Mayor and Supervisor. What they did was in very bad taste and does not represent their constituents as a whole. Of course, we can all have an opinion about an issue one way or the other, and even though you (personally) are bound by governmental regulations not to relay your position before Council, they should have had an open mind on the issue at hand. I am sure they know the facts of the issue and, actually, as I typed this, I


they know the facts of the issue and the reasons both for and against the project. But, what irritated me the most, was they did not even listen to both sides. Mayor Filner came in for five minutes before he was addressed to say a few words. Supervisor Roberts, a little longer than that. Then, both members left. It was almost like this was a choreographed meeting. We all know and can empathize they have busy schedules, but we all do. I understand their position on the issue, which is fine, but what they failed to realize is that the supporters of the project also have a voice.

We all know the facts and issues. I am not writing here today to recite them. Though, I will say this: we have a great opportunity here in Carmel Valley with this project. Yes, this is a change, but change is good. We need to find a way to work together on this project. The developers are working tirelessly to find a way for this to work with input from our community as a whole, and


can dispute that, regardless of the rhetoric that is out there. They are putting money into much-needed traffic infrastructure, the City cannot afford (or will not prioritize), as well as, into our schools. Recurring revenues from sales tax and increased property values. Adding jobs to the community, in both construction and permanent wage earners. The benefits are great. Yes, there will be heartburn, as there always is with change. But, those are mitigated with a strategic plan. As a resident, of course, I am concerned with the traffic. But, I believe they have been carefully thought out with governmental agencies, including: State Caltrans and your very own City Engineer. I come from a background of “let the surgeons do the surgery” and we have to rely on their expertise. Not uninformed and uneducated (on the matter) people.

I hope you can forward my disapproval in duplicate with our City leaders, as I will be contacting them as well. Again, I do not have an issue of one having an opinion, that is what democracy is about. But, I believe it was in very poor taste they made a stand without listening to their constituents on both sides of the issue.

Edmund Har