City of Del Mar releases statement on traffic incident


The City of Del Mar issued the following press release Sept. 27 in response to a traffic incident between a Park Ranger and Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy:

“On March 10, 2014, while driving to and from City of Del Mar parks, the City’s Park Ranger observed an individual using a handheld cell phone while driving. In an effort to ensure public safety, the individual, (who later turned out to be an off-duty Sheriff Reserve Deputy), was pulled over by the Park Ranger. During the incident, the volunteer Reserve Deputy was visibly frustrated, rude, and inappropriately challenged the Ranger’s authority. The City commends Park Ranger Adam Chase for his professional and calm response to the individual’s allegations and statements. The individual was provided a warning and no citation was given to the individual.

“This traffic stop was captured by the Ranger’s body camera on his uniform. Ranger Chase brought this situation to City Manager Scott Huth’s attention. Upon review of the incident, City Manager Huth immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Department and requested immediate review and follow up. The Sheriff’s Department responded immediately by taking appropriate action with the volunteer Reserve Deputy. The Captain of the Encinitas Sheriff Station (which covers Del Mar) communicated to all Sheriff Station personnel to reinforce the importance of supporting and cooperating with the Del Mar Park Ranger and clearly describing the authority of the Del Mar Ranger.

“The comments and statements made by the individual involved in the traffic stop, although unacceptable, highlighted the need for both the City of Del Mar and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to continue to look at ways to improve our relationship, communications and to work cooperatively to provide a high level of service to the community we serve. Finally, the City commends Ranger Chase for his service and professionalism in handling this manner.”

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