City should consider providing public parking lots

It has been stated that Del Mar has been unfair by illegally allowing some redevelopment of commercial properties to restaurant/bar use and not allowing it to others. That is true.

1201 Camino Del Mar was legally developed for office use, and provided the required off-street parking. Today, the owner of that property wants to convert a portion of that property from office to restaurant/bar uses, which logically require a lot more parking spaces. But, there is no financially feasible way to provide that additional parking. So, should Del Mar continue the habit of illegal redevelopment of properties, or change the parking ordinance to require fewer off-street parking spaces – both further exacerbating the overall parking problem?

The residential property owners over the back fence, or alley, say “No!” What say


Maybe the City should talk about providing public parking lots, like they do parks! It is in their best interest also.

Ralph Peck,

Del Mar