City staff error cleared; Prop. C work in Carmel Valley can continue


Karen Billing

Staff Writer

After a review, San Diego city staff has once again cleared Prop. C for take-off. In July, the city’s department of development services surprised the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board’s Prop. C Working Group by telling them that Pacific Highlands Ranch could not build past 1,900 development units until Highway 56 was widened — this coming on the heels of the passage of Prop. C, which freed PHR’s development from waiting until the completion of the 56’s connectors with Interstate 5.

The planning board objected to the 11th hour roadblock and the misunderstanding among city staff has now been resolved.

“The main question was answered,” said Manjeet Ranu, vice chair of the planning board. “We don’t have to wait until 56 is widened and we can once again move forward. It’s unfortunate that we had a three-month delay but it’s better than a 30-year delay.”