City to get new computer system

The city of Del Mar will receive $25,000 in stimulus money to buy a new

energy-efficient computer networking system.

The grant, announced by Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego, will allow Del Mar to implement a virtualized server computer system where software on one server will handle the tasks of the entire city staff. Del Mar’s current system requires six servers. Kehoe said Del Mar would save $5,300 in energy costs, and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 tons.

“The savings represents nearly a quarter of City Hall’s annual energy bill,” she said in a statement. “Small steps like this will reap tremendous rewards as the state works to lower its emissions and improve the health of all Californians.”

Emily Bernardo, Del Mar’s computer operations manager, said the savings would come due to the six servers currently running at all times with the air conditioning required to be 68 degrees. She said the new system would most likely not be implemented until September 2011, when the service life of the current six servers expires.

— Jonathan Horn