City will work hard to achieve a positive project outcome for Del Mar

There have been concerns expressed on this Opinion Page regarding a proposed multi-family project at the corner of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive. The underlying message was that the City plans to disregard the values of the community. That is not correct.

Here is the current status:

An application has been submitted by a private development company for a Specific Plan for the property at the corner of Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Drive, and it does propose multi-family housing. However, the application was only submitted late last week and is just now undergoing an initial review by staff. Because the application has just been filed, there have not yet been any public hearings nor any review or action by the Planning Commission or the City Council.

All aspects of the proposal will be subject to numerous noticed public hearings. This includes any legislative proposals to apply a new land use designation or development standards to the property and to review of a project itself. This process will allow the community to weigh the potential benefits of the project as well as any potential adverse impacts. The City Council will review all of the information provided to make a determination on whether the project is appropriate for the community. The project is also subject to Del Mar’s design review process, including the City’s Citizen Participation Program. This will further ensure multiple opportunities for neighbors and other interested parties to review and provide comment on the project’s design.

The proposal will also undergo a thorough environmental review, most likely an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR process also provides numerous opportunities for public input.

Because we anticipate a lot of interest in this project, the City will provide a space on the Del Mar website for receipt and posting of comments. The Council and staff look forward to hearing from the public so that complete information can be considered as the proposal moves through the multiple review processes.

I hope this is helpful and will give your readers some assurance that the process is in place to thoroughly review the proposal and to seek community input. Our City Council, Planning Commission, and Design Review Board will work hard to achieve a positive project outcome for Del Mar.

Terry Sinnott