Clothing store owner finds a way to fit in

Gary Sanfir believes there is nothing worse a man can do than show up for a blind date in shorts and sandals paired with a messy un-tucked T-shirt.

“The lady would see him from afar and run away,” Sanfir said with a laugh.

Don’t even get him started on jeans.

Sanfir is hoping to keep San Diego men looking snazzy with his new GSB Men’s Clothier store in Rancho Santa Fe’s Del Rayo Plaza on San Dieguito Road. His store, which he owns with wife Bella, specializes in the very best quality men’s clothing, like Italian suits, dress shirts, luxe cashmere sweaters and good-looking ties.

“This is me, my calling,” said Sanfir, his thick accent betraying his Russian origins. “I know what to buy, I know how to fit customers, I’m a professional tailor. When customers are happy, this makes me happy. I enjoy every minute.”

He swears he only needs to work with a customer once and they will always come back.

To help celebrate GSB’s November opening, Sanfir is hosting a grand opening event from 5-9 p.m. Feb. 7 with wine tasting and hors ‘d oeuvres.

The personal touch

Sanfir is originally from the Republic of Georgia, from a long line of family in the clothing industry. His father manufactured men’s clothing, his grandfather was a tailor and his grandmother was a designer.

“When I was in my mother’s stomach, I was already in this business,” said Sanfir.

Sanfir learned the art of tailoring, which he still does today, from his grandfather when he was 14 years old.

At GSB, he offers custom alterations for both men and women.

Sanfir worked in the retail industry in Israel and Germany before coming to the United States in 1985, to Los Angeles. There, he opened his own store, Linos, named after the oldest of his four grandchildren.

He has only lived in San Diego for three months and his customers have already made the trip south to see him.

In his store, the focus is on personal attention - he will no doubt offer some of his favorite Georgian wine and really try to understand a customer’s style as well as find out all about their family and pets.

“It’s all about the personal touch,” Sanfir said.

Classic cool

Besides his jeans aversion, Sanfir prefers the classic look and cops to owning more than 100 ties.

“Today’s fashion is a little bit different,” Sanfir said.

That’s where Bella comes in - she takes care of the buying for the more contemporary looks of printed and embellished shirts that can go un-tucked under a jacket.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Bella Sanfir.

GSB is at 16085 San Dieguito Road. For more information, call (858) 759-6647.