Committee to reveal results of GHG inventory report

By Lane Sharman

Clean and Green Committee

The Clean and Green Committee of the city of Solana Beach invites you to attend the Solana Beach City Council Meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 24, to hear the “Inventory Report” on green house gas (GHG) emissions within the city limits.

Jack Hegenauer, with the support of volunteers from Clean and Green and the city of Solana Beach, compiled the GHG inventory following best practices for measuring emissions from vehicles, buildings, water and waste treatment.

The city is the first municipality in San Diego County to develop a comprehensive GHG inventory, which is a first step in creating a climate action plan to reduce the municipality’s carbon footprint. By attending, you will learn about the data tools, GHG sources and candidate actions which the Clean and Green Committee is studying for recommended implementation within the city.

Solana Beach wants to be a leader in helping to reduce the worst of the impacts from a warming climate. The city seeks to walk the talk. This takes an informed citizenry. Volunteers and engaged citizens are needed for educational outreach and momentum for the steps needed to reduce collectively the carbon footprint within Solana Beach and the surrounding region. Nature and Culture ( offers a carbon-offset program specifically for Solana residents and businesses.

The relationship between the climate and increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (a GHG equivalent more potent than CO2) is proven science. Just the right amount of CO2 keeps the planet warm by trapping heat that would otherwise escape.

Without CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet would be about 0 degrees F. With an excess, the planet can (and has) warmed to the point where there are no ice caps, no glaciers, no Greenland. The result of this condition is a much higher sea level than what we have today, about 250 feet higher, read that right: 250 feet. Interstate 5 and a lot of familiar icons would be underwater in Solana Beach. All coastal California would be submerged.