Committee won’t make recommendation to school district for reconfiguration

After months of discussion about how to reconfigure schools and house the district offices, the Del Mar Union School District’s 7-11 committee was unable to come to consensus on any of the proposals they developed. The decided on Friday afternoon not to submit any of the proposals to the district Board of Trustees.

What the seven-member committee heard through 16 meetings and three public hearings was that there was no great support for anything of the plans committee members proposed.

“In the end all the work we did shows that there isn’t a solution and none are acceptable to our community or workable,” said Chairman Bob Shopes.

At the board’s January meeting, they will submit their report on all of their proposals considered, which all received split support or no support.

Proposal F, which called for housing the district office at Carmel Del Mar got no support. The two proposals with the least support were E, which placed the district office at Ashley Falls and G, which proposed building a new district office at Torrey Hills, each with a 5-2 vote against them.

The committee’s most favored options were B and I, which both included closing Del Mar Hills.

Both Shopes and Jennifer Emberger were the two opposing votes. Proposals needed 80 percent support to move forward as a recommendation, so a 5-2 vote was insufficient to gain consensus.

For more on this story, see the Dec. 25 print edition of the Del Mar Times.