Community appreciates generous support from Jimbo’s

Sometimes, especially in the heat of an election, it is good to hear what is going right with a community. Jimbo’s of Del Mar has been consistently kind, generous and reliable in their support of local schools.

My personal dealings with Jimbo’s while volunteering at my own children’s school have been professional and friendly for several years. They have been steadfast in their support of our Red Ribbon Week, Jogathon, and Mileage Club, in all sorts of economic times. One year I realized that Jimbo’s was supporting our Mileage Club during Red Ribbon Week, which meant, unknown to me, we had “double-dipped” with two donations on one single day! Feeling greedy, I called to apologize to the vice president of marketing. She only said, “We’re happy to support local schools.”

Kate Takahashi, Carmel Del Mar parent, volunteer