Community Leader’s View: Be aware of trail system’s regulations

By Philip Wilkinson

The Rancho Santa Fe Association Trail system, spanning some 50 miles of beautifully scenic trails that meander throughout the covenant, are reserved for the private use of Association members and their guests. While enjoying the use of our trail system, members should be aware that only certain types of uses are permitted.

Horseback riding is permitted, and, in fact, riders have the right of way. If you see a horseback rider on the trail, announce your presence to them, particularly when approaching from behind, to alert them that you are there. It is also helpful to stand where the horse and rider can see you.

No horseback riders may have a dog accompany them, be they leashed or unleashed. Walkers and runners are welcome and dogs are allowed, but must be leashed at all times. It’s not only the rule; it is California law.

Pedestrians with baby joggers and wagons are allowed, however, scooters or bicycles of any kind are not! Motorcycles, dirt bikes, mini-bikes, motorized scooters, quads or the like are simply not permitted.

One specific exception is that a golf cart may be used when traveling to or from the golf course. One general exception is for vehicles used for fire, emergency, safety, maintenance and trail construction.

A booklet outlining the RSF Association Trail & Rules Etiquette is available at the RSF Association office. All members are encouraged to obtain a copy as well as come out to enjoy what most would describe as the finest trail system within the county.

Philip Wilkinson is chairman of Rancho Santa Fe Trails Committee.