Community partnerships a focus at Canyon Crest Academy

Four years ago, Canyon Crest Academy art teacher Angela Jackson made a call for business partnerships at CCA’s Back to School Night. She wanted to create a partnership with a bio-tech firm as a way to explore careers which blended art and science. A parent, who worked at Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher), volunteered and an opportunity was created. Jackson said that “They provided a tour, an exhibition and reception for the student work and also a career panel that discussed creative careers in the sciences.”

For the past four years, the advanced painting students have had their bio-tech-themed art displayed publicly in the Carlsbad offices of Thermo Fisher. Jackson reflects that “this collaboration has opened up many avenues of inquiry to our students and has shown them how they can merge their interest in art with science. This is exactly why I enjoy participating in these community collaborations.”

Another outcome of this collaboration, is a partnership that was formed with science teacher Ariel Haas, who teaches the Research Methods Quest class. When Haas contacted Thermo Fisher, he was asked to provide a list of materials that CCA could utilize. A month later he received a freezer full of valuable reagents which would not otherwise be affordable. This allows his students experience in research techniques to which few high school or college students are exposed. Specifically, the students learn how to transect human kidney cells with a jellyfish protein call GFP causing the cells to temporarily fluoresce (glow). These lab skills will provide these CCA Quest students with an advantage as they move towards future careers in the sciences.

“The relationship between Canyon Crest Academy and Thermo Fisher is truly a perfect partnership,” CCA Foundation Executive Director Joanne Couvrette said. “For the art program, Thermo Fisher is donating the money to supply our Advanced Painting Class with classroom supplies for this project...paints, brushes and canvas. The students create beautiful artwork which is then presented to Thermo Fisher and hangs on their walls for the enjoyment of employees and guests. All of the partners benefit from the relationship.”

“Another great aspect of this type of partnership is the money for this comes from a different line item on the corporate budget, which greatly expands our funding possibilities. Instead of competing for limited philanthropy funding, we can fill a need and tap into facilities and interior design budgets. We can weave the creating of this artwork into curriculum, while providing art for local businesses. The possibilities for this are limitless.”

Canyon Crest Academy is looking to expand its relationships with a variety of local businesses. If you are interested in this mutually beneficial relationship, please call or email Joanne Couvrette at 858-350-0253 x4005 or

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