Concerts lack appeal

Just got my e-mail invite to Solana Beach’s “Concerts at the Cove” for this Thursday. It invites my family and friends to enjoy the melodies but “shop Solana Beach First,” but remember no alcohol is permitted.

I’m a responsible, very hard working adult and family man. I enjoy doing unique things with my family and a summer outdoor concert with a picnic is such an event. But I’ll be taking my family to Carlsbad and enjoy the TGIF Jazz in the Parks series at various parks in Carlsbad. These concerts began in 1986 and now the concert series attracts 4,000 every Friday. It’s a great time for all; the huge dance floor is usually filled with young and old. People are relaxing, laughing, picnicking and having fun after a long workweek.

And oh by the way, Carlsbad allows adults to have adult beverages. Shocking. And yet, I’ve never seen an incident, an argument or even loud, disrespectful conversation. This isn’t Mission Beach or SDSU. People (families and friends) can actually have wine, beer, margaritas — whatever they choose — because Carlsbad still allows adults the freedom to be an adult. After nearly 25 years, it seems to be working fine. I’ll “shop Carlsbad First” and join 4,000 others every Friday evening.

Thank you City of Carlsbad.

David Klistoff