Council did not act in Del Mar’s best interests

Jim Donovan

Del Mar

The Community View I was compelled to write (issue of Feb. 2) in protest of the proposed use of what used to be the Del Mar train depot was strongly critical of the Del Mar City Council for going along with an idea that I assumed originated with the usual ogre, the North County Transit District, based on how the story was first reported. No way, it seemed to me, would our elected protectors have put forth an idea so illogical and contrary to our best interests.

But I was wrong.

Further details emerging the following week revealed that the proposal did indeed originate with the City Council, whose motive had nothing to do with the issue per se and the views of the residents which have been unequivocally clear ever since the depot was closed for lack of parking space.

I must therefore submit that the City Council has been derelict in its No. 1 responsibility, which is to the residents who elect its members. I could also make a strong though theoretical case for impeachment, but will not go that far now that even the NCTD has made the council appear incompetent in its fact-gathering and judgment.

I wish I could say that in softer and more conciliatory terms but hard as I tried, I could not honestly do so.

Pulling your punches is usually self-defeating, so I decided not to do that.

Hopefully our recent betrayers will understand that there is nothing personal about this and will henceforth see things from the perspective of Del Mar’s best interests, as opposed to those motivated by extraneous issues such as saving an inconsequential amount of public fuel.

With a tip of my hat to Joe Azzinaro for his terse, no-punches-pulled letter of Feb. 16, “The train has left the station, fortunately!”