Council establishes standard operating principles for Del Mar advisory committees and boards

By Kristina Houck

Del Mar advisory committees and boards now have a best practices guide.

The City Council on Feb. 3 adopted standard operating principles to help guide committees and boards on common issues. The principles outline membership, agendas, meeting conduct, and records and reporting.

The council previously reviewed a staff report and draft resolution on standard operating principles on March 18, April 15 and June 17. A subcommittee of council members worked with the city clerk to further refine the language of the proposed principles.

“I think the council has struggled for a number of months and the city staff has been working feverishly on some sort of effort to provide some guidance for our committees,” said Councilman Terry Sinnott. “The initial drafts and our initial attempts, I think, there was a reaction that some of the guidance was a little bit too prescriptive. I think what we have come up with in this particular proposal is a basic guidance for all committees but not stepping into the independence or ability of individual committees to plan and create as they normally do.”

The council establishes advisory committees and boards so residents can review various issues and provide recommendations to the council. Earlier in the meeting, the council established a Shores Park Master Plan Committee to provide community input and oversight on the master plan process.