Letters to the editor: Aug. 6 issue

Del Mar council should follow its own guidelines

The July 30 Del Mar Times included an article regarding the selection process for the recently created Ad-Hoc Committee that is tasked with reviewing Del Mar’s Design Review Ordinance (“DRO”). It was noted that I had applied to the committee, but was not selected. While this is true, I believe readers may interpret my position regarding the need for a do- over as being a disgruntled candidate because I was not selected. This is not true.

I have raised this issue solely because the City Council failed to follow its own resolution and a well-established procedure in selecting committee members. I am not alone — 129 residents have signed letters/emails in support of this position.

Resolution 2015-24 establishes the Ad-Hoc committee and states staff is to “schedule interviews for the committee appointments.” Council interviews for committee positions is a well-established practice in Del Mar. For no stated or apparent reason, the council chose to deviate from the Resolution and its normal procedure by not conducting interviews.

Virtually everyone agrees the council made a mistake by not following the Resolution and its practice. Mayor Al Corti and Council Member Sherryl Parks have apologized to the community for how the Council handled this. Council Member Terry Sinnott said the process was rushed, and the council needs to revisit how the Ad-Hoc Committee was established.

This is an extremely important committee, as it will be reviewing a key Del Mar ordinance — the DRO. The DRO effectively shapes the character of Del Mar, and any changes will impact our community for years.

The council must ensure the Ad-Hoc committee is composed of members with a balance of viewpoints that fairly represent the entire community. The committee needs to operate in the best interest of the entire community and its findings and recommendations must be objective and factually based.

It is critical that the council make as informed a decision as possible in selecting committee members. By failing to conduct interviews, it bypassed a key means of assessing candidates.

The council needs to do the right thing — conduct a do-over by rescinding the current appointments and going through the interview process.

If I am part of that process and don’t get selected, I am OK because I will at least know the council will have made a more informed decision in selecting other candidates.

Greg Rothnem

Del Mar

Care ‘n Share Toy Drive a huge success for Torrey Pines Rotary Club

Many thanks to each and every one of you for the moral support and major role you played in helping to make Torrey Pines Rotary Club’s 2015 Care ‘n Share Toy Drive a huge success! We collected and distributed just over 8,500 new and gently used stuffed animals this year (as compared with 5,225 last year)! Hooray!

You’ve not only helped to put a smile on the face of each child who will receive a stuffed animal; you’ve also helped provide a teachable moment for parents who want to teach their children to give something to another child less fortunate, and an opportunity for those who generously donated a stuffed animal to feel good themselves about what they’ve done.

It is truly heartwarming to see how many are willing to give up the prizes they worked so hard (and spent so much!) to win at the Fair, and to see the gently used stuffed animals that have meant so much for so many years that are passed along to someone else to love and cuddle with.

The majority of the stuffed animals have been distributed to Rady Children’s Hospital, Hospital Infantil de las Californias, Children’s Lifeline, and Dignity Delivery, with the remainder going to other organizations serving needy children in the region.

Many thanks to those who hosted collection bins and generously supported us with in-kind services: Affordable Printer Care, Clone Duplicating & Printing, The Lawton Group, Rossi’s Pizza; and the county libraries in 4-S Ranch, Bonita-Sunnyside, Casa de Oro, Del Mar, El Cajon, Rancho San Diego and Vista. We appreciate your support!

Many thanks also to those who were an integral part of the 576-plus volunteer hours during the 24 days of the Fair. A very special thanks to Randy Stoke for sorting all of the stuffed animals so that they’d be ready for distribution! And to Joe who made it easy to get them all delivered.

We have much to be thankful for. Thanks to you for helping to brighten the day of a sick child!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Nancy Stoke

Chair, Care ‘n Share Toy Drive

Torrey Pines Rotary Club