Couple brings chiropractic and weight loss center to Beachwalk in Solana Beach


Staff Writer

Wellness is such a buzzword — how do you really know when you have it and when you don’t?

That’s a question Kellee and Scott Rutley have dedicated their lives to helping people answer, and the married couple have brought their know-how to Solana Beach with the recent opening of Rutley Chiropractic & Weight Loss in the Beachwalk shopping center at 437 S. Highway 101.

He’s a weight-loss expert. She’s a chiropractor. And the two have the perfect marriage in more ways than one — bringing together both weight and spine adjustments all under one roof.

“Most people come in for one thing, either weight loss or chiropractic, and they end up doing both,” said Scott. “The two really go hand in hand.”

On the chiropractic side, Kellee is a national board-certified chiropractic physician and a Reiki practitioner. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Kellee was a professional fitness trainer, competitive gymnast and body builder.

On the weight loss side, Scott stands behind a line of food products called Ideal Protein — and he doesn’t believe in using medication or committing to lifelong memberships.

“Weight loss treatment has to have a beginning and an end,” said Scott, a former extreme skier, endurance cyclist and gymnast. He not only coaches people on the “Ideal method” at his business in Solana Beach, but he’s an Ideal Protein consultant who coaches doctors throughout San Diego County. The Ideal Protein line of drinks, snacks and mixes is only available through medical providers and the weight loss treatment is closely monitored.

When it comes to wellness, Scott believes you only know you have it if you can measure and track it. On each checkup, he scans patients with a machine that bounces waves off the body and measures hydration, body fat and both lean and fat mass.

“Someone can tell you they lost 10 pounds, but this tells you 10 pounds of what,” Scott said. “You can lose 10 pounds of water or muscle. Sometimes you can lose fat and gain muscle without actually losing weight.”

On Oct. 26, from 3 to 7 p.m., the Rutleys will be holding a grand opening celebration where they will be offering free body scans.

Kellee will also be giving nervous system scans and chiropractic assessments, which examine the spine and stress levels.

For more information about Ideal Protein, visit To reach the Rutleys, call (858) 792-0118.