Couple designs special showers

An Earth Day (April 22) product San Diegans will appreciate comes from Will and Jane Fowler of Sustainable + Functional + Art in Del Mar. The team “explores and creates art that is not just aesthetically pleasing but functional, eco-conscious and meaningful.”

Their latest creation, surfboard showers, makes use of old surfboards by turning them into portable showers — perfect for that whimsical coastal look.

“These are very easy to use with their plug and spray feature,” Jane Fowler said. “Just hook one up to a garden hose and you have an immediate functioning shower. The showers are not a permanent structure, they may be easily moved and relocated.

“We find that recycled surfboards are an amazing canvas for art. We see the surfboard as an art form in and of itself with its simplistic, sculptural lines and varied shapes. Taking discarded surfboards that would otherwise end up in our landfills, and giving them a second life as a canvas for functional art or sculpture, we feel pays respect to their original creators as well as our planet.”

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, custom orders, too.