Couple gets in Tune with Solana Beach community

By Claire Harlin

When you walk into Tune Chiropractic, located at 320 S. Cedros Ave. in Solana Beach, the first thing you see is the “do what you love” wall, as Jenna Bleth calls it. On it are a handful of photos of clients doing what they love, whether it be a woman surfing on a pink board to raise awareness about breast cancer or a man doing personal growth coaching. Also shown is Bleth working with children in Bali, and Ryan Gessay, her fiance, doing chiropractic adjustments on kids in Brazil.

“As we build a family of clients here, we’re hoping to expand the wall,” said Bleth, a Reiki and intuitive wellness practitioner. “We want it to be an inspiration for everyone who walks in the door.”

Gessay, who specializes in a rare type of chiropractic work called “zone healing,” officially opened Tune Chiropractic with Bleth in October, but there were clients coming to the “boutique operation,” as they describe it, well before the doors were open.

“Before we opened for business we were pulling up the carpet, there were ladders and paint everywhere, it smelled like glue and paint and we were seeing patients on a fold-up table,” Bleth recalled. “The place was in shambles.”

The demand can be attributed to Gessay’s popularity in San Francisco, where he just relocated from to get back to his North County roots and start a life with Bleth. Not only does he have a perfect rating on that has followed him to Solana Beach, but he’s got clients from Los Angeles who used to fly all the way to San Francisco and are thrilled to now make the shorter commute south.

It may sound extreme for a client to venture that far, but Gessay is one of only a handful of chiropractors in the nation who practice “zone healing,” which is designed to balance major systems of the body — such as nervous, muscular, glandular, circulatory and digestive — which Gessay says any health issue can be traced from. This process starts by touching specific points in the back of the head, which tells Gessay which spinal points to stimulate in order to promote proper communication with the rest of the body.

When it comes to wellness, Gessay and Bleth work together to create the right solutions for clients and incorporate education into their healing plans. That may involve sending clients home with material to read up on or encouraging them to attend the weekly mind-body class held at Tune on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Bleth also practices Reiki, a technique that uses touch to minimize stress and promote relaxation, as well as intuitive wellness, which she said helps people “discover truth through spiritual connection.”

While working in elementary schools in Bali — a trip of passion that she made happen by writing the schools directly — she explored how spirituality is accepted and integrated. With that knowledge and a very “spiritual intuitive” upbringing, she hopes to help others “ open, explore and nurture their spiritual gifts,” she said. She also hopes to practice Reiki on children and teach the art to both kids and their parents.

Also on the couple’s agenda is to provide a maternity package to expecting mothers, which would include a number of wellness services from their practice, as well as others in the area.

Bleth said she is drawn to her work doing Reiki because it involves a transfer of energy from one person to another, which is a “boundless language.”

Gessay also said much of his expertise stems from the understanding of energy.

“Scientists call it nature and religious people call it God,” Gessay said. “Energy is what created the body and it’s also what heals the body.”

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