Courts to be updated, replaced

The Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club will get some much-needed repairs on two of its courts and a third will be completely replaced after the Rancho Santa Fe Association approved the updates at their June 4 meeting. Construction is scheduled to begin the first week of July.

Courts 1 and 2 have become so damaged that users often refer to Court 2 as the “cracked court” for the long crack that runs almost the full length of the surface.

“The two we are refurbishing to stave off having to replace them,” said Paul LeBeau, treasurer of the tennis club board.

Court 10’s surface is currently a sand and carpet mix, like a clay court but a little more slippery. It isn’t used much by club players and is considered “beyond its useful life.”

The court will be completely replaced with a hard court surface to match the club’s 11 other courts.

Elections for the tennis club board of directors are also under way with eight candidates running for five seats. Members have until June 22 to vote.