Crimes/arrests for May and Crime Prevention Tips

The numbers of crimes other than domestic violence with valid addresses and selected arrests/citations that were reported to the San Diego County’s Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) by June 5 for May 2010 in the San Diego City neighborhood of Del Mar Heights and the City of Del Mar are shown below for the various incident types that can be selected in ARJIS Crime MAPS at There you can also get a map of incident locations and a report with incident hundred-block addresses, dates, and times.

Del Mar Heights

8 Crimes: 2 malicious mischief/vandalism, 1 residential burglary, and 5 vehicle break-ins

8 Arrests/citations: 4 driving under the influence, 1 drunk in public, and 3 narcotics

City of Del Mar

11 Crimes: 1 commercial burglary, 2 malicious mischief/vandalism, 1 simple assault, 2 theft, and 5 vehicle break-ins

22 Arrests/citations: 4 driving under the influence, 15 drunk in public, and 3 narcotics

Crime prevention tips

Go to and look for the article entitled Preventing Fraud and Identity Theft on the Crime Reports page under News. It contains tips for preventing telemarketing fraud, Internet fraud and other crimes, identity theft and other scams.