Critical last question unaddressed: Vote No on Prop J

By Sharon Feierabend

Del Mar

Two Del Mar City Council members are stepping down from the Council this year, the same council members that are currently the Del Mar representatives to the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). All council representatives from each city in San Diego County make up the Board of Directors for SANDAG, working together with the Executive Director of this government agency to “build consensus; makes strategic plans; obtains and allocates resources...”.

These resources are grants, federal and state. Also, local grants are available through TransNet, the gas taxes we all pay to reduce freeway congestion in San Diego County. The SMART GROWTH fund is distributed by SANDAG for new development projects that may help reduce this congestion.

The City of Del Mar has been promised a grant from SANDAG and was on the list to receive SMART GROWTH funding for the Camino del Mar Village Center District Specific Plan (Proposition J).

It has recently come to light that there has been a change in the SANDAG list of “TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program Planning Project Priority Recommendations.” The City of Del Mar’s Village Center District Specific Plan has been moved to a new, second list, headed “Not Recommended for Funding.”

The major question unaddressed is obvious. Considering the fact that the only grant targeted for Del Mar has been moved from the “Recommended” list to the “Not Recommended for Funding” list, it appears dubious that further grant funding will be available to fund Proposition J.

Just how does the new Del Mar City Council plan to pay for this major construction project given that the two experienced representatives to SANDAG from Del Mar have resigned? We, the residents and tax payers, need to be informed and reassured that we will not be liable for the total cost involved.

This is an important question that must be answered before anyone votes FOR Proposition J, the Del Mar Village Center Specific Plan. Until then, it must remain a fantasy. We would be fools to go forward otherwise. Until you receive an answer to this last question, still unaddressed, plan to Vote No. It may be your wisest move.