Dacus property misuse alleged


Dacus property neighbors filed a formal request for dispute resolution on May 7, alleging that the Rancho Santa Fe Association has violated the regulatory code with their actions on the 1.28-acre lot on El Fuego.

Neighbors claim the association has been “clear-cutting” environmentally protected wetlands, has not complied with the Art Jury and building permitting process, and has violated construction regulations.

The item will be on the agenda for the board’s May 21 meeting.

“As homeowners, we are rightfully expected to abide by the law and take care of environmentally sensitive wetlands on our property, and the HOA must respect those same rules,” said neighbor Rich Marr in a news release.

The neighbors are requesting that the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol be moved from the Dacus property, that the association submit to the Art Jury process and issue a public statement “restoring the reputation of the aggrieved homeowners.”

Association Manager Pete Smith said crews did not remove any vegetation from the Dacus property, currently leased to the school district pending a vote on its sale.

Smith said crews are landscaping in front of a fence to provide a screen during construction at R. Roger Rowe School.

“Crews were putting in an irrigation line to irrigate those plants,” Smith said. “They weren’t removing any vegetation.”

At last week’s meeting, Planning Director Ivan Holler addressed the issues during public comment.

“We do not believe we are in any violation of county rules and regulations,” Holler said, noting that they have permits for all trailers on site, which will house the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol temporarily and the school’s general contractor and project manager.

Neighbor Robin Swanson said residents grew concerned on the morning of May 4 when they saw workers with shovels near the environmentally sensitive area. Swanson said the workers appeared to be cutting down vegetation.

Smith said the water meter that the crew is connecting lines to is in the area that neighbors believe is environmentally sensitive.

In a press release detailing neighbors’ concerns about misuse, Mrs. Victor Mature, who owns property adjacent to the site, states that she contacted the association with complaints about trucks crossing her private property, crews cutting significant vegetation on her property and unlawfully installing trails on her property.

Smith said a recent survey of the land showed that an 8-year-old trail did actually come onto Mature’s property.

“Once we discovered that portion of trail is on Mature property, we closed the trail,” Smith said.

Smith acknowledged that crews drove trucks on Mature’s property to install the irrigation line.

Association President Lois Jones has requested that there be no ingress or egress on that property for any construction deliveries. All deliveries must use La Granada, she said.