Dave Roberts the ideal candidate for supervisor

By Nancy Zapp

Carmel Valley

As a resident of Carmel Valley, I am gratified that Dave Roberts is a candidate for county supervisor. I have known Dave Roberts for almost three decades; and watched him work on Capitol Hill and in private industry for a Fortune 500 company to improve the quality of life for our military troops, their families, and our veterans. Dave was the first non-member of Congress to receive the National Military Family Association’s Award of Excellence in 1993 for his work to improve dental care for military beneficiaries.

Here in San Diego County, I have closely watched Dave’s record on the Solana Beach City Council (where he has served for the past eight years), which I believe exemplifies traits so desirable in a public servant: intelligence, integrity, an uncanny ability to work with others from across the political spectrum, and compassion. In addition, he has a strong track record of business accomplishment combined with deep concern for maintaining the quality of life in our beautiful region. In particular, he has fought to protect open space in the San Dieguito River Valley Park and provided a much needed consensus leadership style working with the 22nd District Agricultural Association.

Dave is campaigning with the slogan “The Experience We Need,” and this certainly is the case. He is an expert in health policy as well as public administration (he holds a master’s degree in public administration and financial management). In 2011, Dave was named one of the top 50 national health information technology experts for the last 50 years. He has experience in transportation issues (he is chairman of the board of directors for the San Diego County Consolidated Transportation Services Agency). He is past chairman of the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority.

I could continue in this vein, but I think it is obvious that Dave Roberts is the ideal candidate for county supervisor. He will ably represent Carmel Valley as well as all of District 3 — and all of San Diego County.

Let’s embrace the future by electing someone who is both savvy and caring in dealing with the issues that affect our welfare and quality of life. Let’s put Dave Roberts on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.