Dave Roberts will be a champion for community


Just recently, I endorsed Solana Beach Deputy Mayor Dave Roberts for county Supervisor. I am supporting Dave because, unlike Congress, or a state office, the office of county supervisor has a very visible and direct impact on my quality of life and that of everyone who lives in Carmel Valley and in the county.

Carmel Valley voters have long experienced current Supervisor Pam Slater-Price’s commitment to protecting the quality of life of her constituencies and our neighborhoods and towns have witnessed her fights against improper development and for protection of our natural areas. With Pam’s retirement, we will be without a champion for our community unless we elect Dave Roberts.

Supervisors vote on development, from massive to small housing projects to commercial centers. They vote on environmental protection, expanding parks, children’s programs, roads and traffic management, libraries, health and dental programs, even siting trash dumps. These are things that directly affect our everyday lives while they manage a $5 billion budget.

I’m not going to trust this job to staff aides or campaign workers, no matter who runs for this office. These are people without the experience necessary to do the job.

Most of all, I want someone in this position whom I know I can trust to do the right and honest thing. Anyone who has known or worked with Dave will attest to his integrity.

I especially want someone who has been an active participant in community programs for many, who knows Carmel Valley and understands our community and the zeal with which our residents work to preserve why we moved here. He respects the community planning process, our strong voices for our community.

I first met Dave Roberts through my involvement in the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, the local Sierra Club and through our joint efforts to protect and enhance the San Dieguito River Valley Park and other local efforts to promote open space. Dave and I believe that preserved open space is critical to our quality of life.

Dave is a family man with five young children.

Read his campaign material and you will no doubt see that Dave Roberts values fiscal responsibility and a strong business climate that protects and produces jobs.

Dave Roberts has been one of us for a long time. I know and trust him and strongly support him for county supervisor.

Jan Fuchs

Former chair, Carmel

Valley Community

Planning Board