Rancho Santa Fe advisor ‘Engaging Women in Wealth’

Marian Benassi, Deborah Sims, Carlie Headapohl and Jennifer Dunn Courtesy photo
Marian Benassi, Deborah Sims, Carlie Headapohl and Jennifer Dunn Courtesy photo

Engaging Women in Wealth founder Deb Sims is living out something she has always wanted to do.

As more women are becoming the primary financial decision makers, whether they are widowed, divorced, single mothers or business owners, they may be confronted with financial situations that they are unfamiliar with — that’s where Sims comes in, a trusted advisor to help women feel confident and empowered.

“I always wanted to have an office in Rancho Santa Fe, particularly to serve women, as a way to give back,” Sims said.

Three years ago she opened her cozy boutique office on Via de Santa Fe where she hopes to provide clients a warm and welcoming environment to learn the language of wealth management — topics include: investments and asset management, retirement and estate planning.

As part of Engaging Women in Wealth, Sims hosts workshops on a monthly basis at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club “for the gals.” She keeps things simple and makes it fun — past takeaways for participants have included Kate Spade polka dot notebooks, Ted Baker bags with jewels and bows, and Tiffany wine glasses — along with arming attendees with helpful financial knowledge.

Sims has worked in financial services since the mid-1980s, beginning her career with Dean Witter in downtown LA. As her career thrived she was eventually promoted to Vice President of Great Western Financial Services.

Sims moved to Rancho Santa Fe in 1994 and raised her three daughters — her oldest daughter, Devon, is now her executive assistant and has worked with her for the last seven years.

“She’s absolutely fantastic, the clients love her and I couldn’t do what I do if she wasn’t there,” said Sims.

For the last 15 years, Sims has been practicing as a Wealth Advisor with Estate Management Group. Her unique approach is centered on being a good listener — she can relate to many of her clients’ experiences as she’s walked in a lot of different shoes. Sims prides herself on her quality customer service and solid investment choices.

As an advisor, Sims said she is really a problem-solver, helping clients figure out where they want to be and how she can help them get there.

“It’s really about you, what you want out of life, what your passions are,” she said of her conversations with clients.

Sims said that it’s her job to help figure out the finance part, pair it with client goals and help them build their retirement because, really, it’s a blink away.

“It takes a lot of planning but we can get there, it’s just about getting started,” Sims said.

As an added bonus, her Estate Management Group works closely with a network of estate planning attorneys, certified public accountants and mortgage brokers to provide her clients with quality outside specialists.

Monthly workshops have tackled topics such as making sense of financial statements and estate planning. Next month’s workshop, “Retirement — Unlocking Your Full Potential,” will be held on March 9 from 12-2 p.m. at the RSF Golf Club.

Estate Management Group is located at 16906 Via de Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe, 92067. To register for the Engaging Women in Wealth workshop or for more information, call (858) 756-0004 or visit

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