Defending smokers’ rights

The following is directed to those who so far are going along with Del Mar City Council in its mission to prohibit all smoking within its territorial limits:

  1. Tobacco is a legal product, and smoking it has always been a legal right in the United States of America.
  2. Tobacco was never a problem when smokers were in the majority, but now the majority is trying to stamp it out because it disapproves of it. And governmental bodies that can’t solve its real problems are finding it easy prey, thanks to the power of the majority, which is always the biggest threat to individual rights.
  3. Isn’t everyone sooner or later a minority, in one way or another? Smoking now, what next? The potential is endless.
  4. Isn’t the very foundation of our nation based on freedom and liberty, the lack of which motivated its founders to flee the country where they were a frustrated minority?
  5. Smokers contribute huge amounts of money to government in the form of exorbitant taxes, taxes that are intrinsically unfair because they are discriminately imposed. Maybe they should be thanked for bearing taxes that would otherwise be borne by everyone else.
  6. The case against second-hand smoke is grossly overblown, especially where the ocean provides the world’s greatest air conditioning system. As for the concerns about pedestrians passing the new outdoor dining areas: Car, bus and truck exhaust is closer by and immeasurably more noxious and concentrated, so shouldn’t all such vehicles be banned from the area, and why not all city streets?
  7. History has proven the futility of trying to protect people from themselves and the hazards of living, whether inherent or chosen. Anyone for bringing back Prohibition?
Submitted by a nonsmoker who is alarmed by the accelerating restrictions on the liberty that for more than 200 years has set our country apart from all others.

Jim Donovan is a Del Mar resident.