Del Mar American AA Scrappers win Championship Saturday

mms_img-1942747704The Scrappers (16-6) won the AA Del Mar Little League Championship against the Hooks (19–4) in a nail-biting thriller of a game, complete with a Willis Reed-style return from injury by one of the players. The teams were evenly matched—during regular season, each won a game against the other—and the game was a pitcher’s duel until 9 year-old Scrapper Peter Fregoso was injured while attempting to catch a pop fly. With the sun in his eyes, Peter was hit in the mouth by the ball, resulting in his being taken off the field and the Hooks scoring two runs on the play. Peter was on his way to the parking lot for a trip to the hospital when he convinced his family to let him return to the game. He sat out a couple of innings, returning in the 4th to start the go-ahead rally with a base hit. The Scrappers scored four runs, bringing the score to 4-3. In the top of the 6th and final inning, James Ward, son of Scrappers Manager “Coach Randy,” hit an inside the park home run, putting the Scrappers up 5-3. The Hooks followed up with another run in their last at-bat. The game could have gone either way, but in the end, the Scrappers outlasted the Hooks, winning 5-4.

Front (left to right}: Noah Pellette, Patrick Ward, William Mitchell, Chris O’Brien, Peter Fregoso, August Thut; Standing (left to right): Austin Williams, Seth Pritchett, Albert Jen, James Ward, Ken Gloeckner, Jack Parhiala; Adults (left to right): Manager Randy Ward, Coaches: Eliseo Fregoso, Steve O’Brien, Greg Mitchell.