Del Mar author at Warwick’s book signing Aug. 25

Del Mar resident and author Walter Carlin will be signing copies of his latest novel, “Beelzebub O’Brien, K Street Warrior,” at Warwick’s Books in La Jolla, 7812 Girard, on Saturday, Aug. 25, from noon-2 p.m..

It’s the tale of Billy O’Brien, a young, rather naive MBA who obtains the rank of K Street Warrior with a prestigious Washington, D.C., lobbyist. When he’s hit by a car he ends up in hell — he is a lobbyist, after all — where he discovers an exchange program with heaven. To qualify, he must go to New York City and corrupt the incorruptible. There he meets and falls for a beautiful young woman who has the same assignment as Billy, but in reverse: she’s on the team from upstairs, on a mission saving souls. Many complications ensue in this sly political satire mixed with a healthy dose of young love.

Kirkus Reviews says, “Carlin displays a knack for dialogue and a superb sense of pacing, and his raging cynicism makes for several entertaining broadsides at recent developments, particularly the Supreme Court decision regarding political spending on speech.”