Del Mar author shares how to ‘grow healthy thoughts’


By Kristina Houck

The “Triangle House” is perhaps Del Mar’s most famous home. Located off Coast Highway, the uniquely shaped structure has been featured in national magazines and television programs, including HGTV’s “Extreme Homes.”

But it hasn’t always been easy living in the 688-square-foot home, according to Del Mar resident Marlene Dominy. Her husband, architect Lewis Dominy, designed the house.

“It was his dream to have this house on this little tiny lot,” said Dominy, who has been married for 47 years. The couple has two adult sons and one grandson.

“We were only going to be here for a couple of years. Now, after all these years, we’re still here. That, in part, gave birth to my book.”

Recently published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, “Growing Healthy Thoughts” is a self-help book that reminds readers about their potential and their acceptance by God.

A Los Angeles native, Dominy moved to Del Mar with her husband in 1972. As the wife of an award-winning architect, Dominy always dreamed of a big home where she could have room for art and crafts, and space to entertain her family and friends.

The couple moved from a large Del Mar home into the Triangle House when it was completed in 1997. With little space for hobbies, Dominy began reading. She also began “plucking pearls” from her readings and started a journal.

“Oftentimes I would find the same things repeated coming from different directions and different sources,” said Dominy, a longtime member of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. “My faith is a Christian faith, but I‘ve realized it doesn’t really matter where you’re coming from. There are certain universal truths out there.”

From issues with her home to the daily stresses of life, Dominy used journaling as therapy. Most of the time, she said, it is easy for people to get sidetracked and distracted from the true meaning of life.

“We’ve really lost the ability to see our true identity as valuable children of God,” she said. “We decided somehow that we get our value from where we live, what we drive and how much money we make. I’ve seen people become very disappointed when those things do not happen in their life.

“This is the book I needed to read. I was starting to go down that negative road myself.”

“Growing Healthy Thoughts” is Dominy’s first book. The 184-page book is available at, and

“I wrote it as a help for people,” she said. “You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can change the way you think about them.

“If you know people who are struggling and going through a tough time and need a booster shot, I think it can be helpful. I didn’t do this to make money. I did this because I needed it, and I believe there are other people out there that could benefit from it.”