Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks BU14 – Pejkic Nott’s Forest Labor Day Cup Champions


Nott’s_Forest_Champs_2014_VadimFor the second year in a row, the Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks BU14 Team, coached by Miroslav “Mickey” Pejkic, are champions of the Nott’s Forest Labor Day Cup. The team, playing into the top division, only allowed 1 goal the entire tournament. This impressive result comes after the team was a finalist in the Rancho Sante Fe Attack Tournament. The boys defeated the TVSA Hawks Academy in the finals 1-0. Congratulations Sharks BU14-Pejkic!

Photo: (Top Row L-R), Cody Black, Bradley Keel, Ted Merrifield, Wei Wei Ren, Ramiro Rodriguez, Maxim Kraynov, Henry Copp, Ben Burgener, Coach Mickey Pejkic. (Bottom Row L-R), Robel Gayles, Anthonie Martinez, Aidan Cerveny, Ali Demiralp, Alex Farfel, Critobal Ruiz-Martinez, Keaton Elvins, Cameron Black, Nico Johnson. Missing: Shankar Torres.