Del Mar celebrates Public Works Week

Several city officials and some appreciative Del Mar residents converged on the city’s public works department’s headquarters May 20 for a lunchtime thank you to those who keep the city’s infrastructure operating.

The barbeque was part of Del Mar’s celebration of National Public Works Week, which began May 17 with a city proclamation for its public works employees. Public Works Director David Scherer, who will reach 10 years with Del Mar in September, accepted that honor from Mayor Richard Earnest at the May 17 City Council meeting.

Aside from maintaining the city’s sewers, traffic signals and running water, the public works department is working on a sewer pump on the north end of the city. Scherer said Oct. 1 is the target date for beginning construction on the Torrey Pines Bridge retrofit, the largest capital project in Del Mar history.

“Our job is to keep things working so you don’t have to call us,” said Scherer, formerly the public works director of Little Rock, Ark. “We want the signals to work on the streets, we want the signs to work on the streets, we want your water to work when you turn your tap on.”

— Jonathan Horn