Del Mar certifies election, assesses turnout

City Clerk Mercedes Martin swears in Del Mar’s new City Council members. Photo/Claire Harlin

By Claire Harlin

Some 84 percent of Del Mar’s 3,202 registered voters cast their ballots for Prop J in the recent election, and the results — 1,549 residents against the revitalization measure and 1,135 in favor of it — are final.

The Del Mar City Council on Dec. 4 voted unanimously to certify the Nov. 6 election, in which 88 percent of Del Mar voters participated — meaning only about 4 percent refrained on Prop J.

Set in stone are also the number of votes cast for Del Mar’s three new City Council members — 1,283 for Al Corti, 1,274 for incumbent Don Mosier and 1,281 for Sherryl Parks.

Although the race for City Council was unopposed, the results indicate that voters used a tactic called “bullet voting” — picking only one or two candidates when there’s an option to pick three — which may suggest unfamiliarity with the candidates or an effort to give certain candidates a perceptional edge.

The turnout on Prop H, a failed medical marijuana measure, was about 80 percent.