Del Mar City Council discusses citizen satisfaction survey

By Kristina Houck

Del Mar residents may soon be able to share their thoughts on city services through a survey.

The city is moving forward with a citizen satisfaction survey, which will measure Del Mar’s performance and assess community needs.

“The survey could be helpful for the council as well as for staff to help evaluate performance of city services and programs, assist in future funding decisions and be used as a management tool,” said Andrew Potter, the city’s administrative director, during the Feb. 3 council meeting.

The city last conducted a survey in 2006. Fairbanks, Maslin, Maullin and Associates conducted 245 phone interviews with randomly selected Del Mar voters. The survey found that 96 percent of respondents believed the quality of life in Del Mar to be excellent or good. Only 4 percent said the quality of life was just fair or poor.

“I think we do need a survey,” Mayor Lee Haydu said. “It was interesting reading the one that was done before, but it didn’t really tell me anything other than everything is great.”

Council members agreed that the city should hire a consultant to conduct the survey rather than having staff design and conduct the survey. Deputy Mayor Al Corti and Councilman Terry Sinnott will serve as council liaisons for development of the survey.

Staff will return to the council at a later date with more information on survey costs and delivery recommendations. In Del Mar’s adopted budget, the council budgeted $15,000 in the current fiscal year for a resident and business customer service survey, according to the staff report.