Del Mar City Council extends city manager’s contract

By Kristina Houck

Scott Huth will serve as Del Mar’s city manager for at least another three years.

As part of the consent calendar, the City Council on May 2 unanimously extended Huth’s contract for 36 months so that it expires Jan. 1, 2018. Council members also approved a one-time performance bonus of up to 5 percent of his salary or up to $9,500. In addition, Huth will now receive the minimum benefits afforded to all management level personnel in the city.

“We are recommending … to extend his current contract for three years based on a positive evaluation of his performance by the entire council,” said Councilman Don Mosier, who reviewed Huth’s contract as a member of the subcommittee to the city manager’s contract amendment, along with Mayor Lee Haydu.

Huth became the city manager in 2012, when the council approved a three-year contract that went into effect Jan. 1, 2012, and was set to expire Jan. 1, 2015. His current base salary is $189,998.

Under Huth’s leadership, city staff has paid off the pension side fund (which saved the city about $1 million), developed a 30-year financial forecasting tool, created a 10-year capital improvement program, finalized the settlement agreement with the 22nd District Agricultural Association on its master plan and more, according to the committee report.

“He’s been a great city manager,” said Mayor Lee Haydu following the meeting. “When we hired him, he was new at being a city manager, but he’s proved himself to really care about the city. He’s always looking at ways to make the city better.”